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Ryan Cravotta

Marketing Director
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Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and advertising to the ARRA team. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies, international brands, small retailers and individual business owners to create sustainable and profitable business opportunities through marketing and advertising strategies and tactics.

His experience in advising, managing and directing teams and clients in large and small advertising agencies, gave him the confidence to start his own consultancy in 2017. His knack and success in understanding, developing and executing multi-channel advertising campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses was the perfect fit for ARRA’s growth and ambition.  

"One thing my experience in marketing has taught me is that you cannot rely on a “hunch,” a “feeling” or what’s “trending” to make a marketing plan or strategy work. Only by using your experience (and those of others you trust), the data you can collect and a willingness to experiment, fail, analyze and then, do it all over again, will you actually ever succeed in reaching your desired goal.  

On the weekend you might find me playing trucks with my son or chasing my daughter, trying to fix something in my 100-year-old house or trying to squeeze in a pickup soccer game at my neighborhood park.  "