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How I Got Hired During a Pandemic

Published On: 
April 15, 2020
Written by:
Mary Flenner

What to Expect in Your Coronavirus Job Search

Can you find a new job during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

ARRA Group CEO Abby Cravotta, says “Yes.”

“It may take longer, but know that companies will and do want to hire. Whether you are just starting out, passively looking, or need to secure a position now, don’t stop looking, applying, and following up. The process and time frame will be different, so try not to go into your job search with the expectation that you will land a new position within two weeks. It’s going to take time, possibly more interviews and conversations as companies adapt to a new process.  

Interview in progress sign on door, ARRAs Healthcare clients are hiring

Interviews are still going on but things have definitely changed. ARRA interviews job seekers and hiring managers to find out what is trending and what is not in hiring during this volatile time of a Pandemic.

“There is opportunity out there.  We are already strategizing internally and with our Health Care clients regarding hiring needs within the next few months,” Cravotta states.

Miriam Dannible, a Healthcare Patient Access Manager, recently found a new job opportunity at a prominent hospital during the Coronavirus outbreak and says, “It’s important to be patient. Be prepared for anything, and just go with the flow. Don’t get frustrated.”

Miriam had started her job search after the New Year but was finding fewer new job opportunities and less responsive feedback: “I fell off the radar. I figured I’d wait it out and reapply after the outbreak.  I started working with Sarah Guenther, and she was great. I was really thrilled that she kept me on her radar. She was very spot-on with everything I was looking for and negotiated a great offer for me. She knows the business well,” Miriam says of her experience working with the ARRA Group’s healthcare recruiters.

We talked with a top Cleveland PR strategist for some insight on the other side of the hiring process.

“It’s obviously been challenging,” she begins. “We have had a position open since February and have about ten open positions currently.”

“We’ve been more proactive, reaching out to people who may not be looking to leave because we’re just not getting as many applications. We see these high unemployment numbers, but it hasn’t hit our industry yet.”  

How to Keep it Positive

According to TalentLyft, 95% of job seekers are willing to apply to a company again if they had a positive experience the first time, leaving hiring teams wondering how to maintain that experience without on-site meetings.

“We have two interviews coming up next week, so we’re discussing how we can make sure candidates have a good experience. We usually bring someone in and give them the tour… how do you still make it feel relaxed while doing remotely?” she asks.

“One thing we’re trying to do is make sure we’re using video as much as possible.” Her marketing agency is also exploring creative ideas such as having lunch delivered to both parties and sharing it virtually to socialize. “We’re trying to emulate those human things that we’re going to be missing out on.”

One positive aspect, she shares is that this crisis has, “Opened people’s minds to using more remote talent. There are fewer barriers and roles that we typically thought we had to have someone in the office, for we’re now considering for remote work.”

“Right now, there’s this level of vulnerability everyone has because we’re all going through this together. No one bats an eye if a kid walks in the room and asks for a snack.”

Hiring Tips from the Experts

This PR hiring manager’s tips for a video interview: “Pretest all your equipment, especially if you’re using a new app or software. Make sure you can download it ahead of time, test it, and see if it works. If it doesn’t work, offer another option.”

“Check your background, make that nothing is distracting and that you have good lighting. Make sure you are still dressing professionally,” she continues.

Patience is the Key

Miriam’s advice to job seekers: “Don’t give up. Realize what’s going on and take that into consideration. Everyone is putting patients first. I’m lucky and grateful to have found something.”

Miriam says, “Everyone’s patience is so important. We are all figuring this out together. It’s the hiring manager’s first time conducting things this way; it’s probably the candidate’s first time as well. It’s uncharted territory for everybody.”

Cravotta says, “Advice I tell myself every day is to focus on what I can control and leave behind what I can’t. It’s easy to let fear, doubt, worry creep into your mind, and yes, this is a crazy, uncertain time. Let’s not ignore the white elephant in the room.

She continues, “However, now more than ever, it is important to band together, ask for help, support each other.  Our philosophy at ARRA is to keep moving. Keep doing something. Everyday.”  

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a career change, check out our open jobs or email and we’ll help to keep the process moving and do the digging to find the perfect match for you.

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